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Fox Hunt Information

Ok, now that we have your attention; we're not hunting foxes, we're hunting hidden transmitters. This is great fun and you don't need to be a licensed ham to join in.

The object of the game is to use a radio receiver to find a radio transmitter hidden somewhere on public property. Most any type of receiver with an antenna will work. 

Sharpen you orientation and outdoors skills. With a directional antenna, such as a yagi, you can triangulate the location of the transmitter.

Interested? Check out the great pdf below.

Here's list of the fox hunts CCARS will be hosting this year. Please feel free to attend any or all and invite your friends to come and join in on the fun and fellowship!


The starting time is 10am for the sly old fox on the freq. of 146.535Mhz. Check-in will begin at 9:30 am on the repeater freq. of 147.045Mhz. with a tone of 127.3 and a positive offset.


The fox will be hiding somewhere in Cleveland County NC so contact the Chamber of Commerce to get a map! You can start from where you choose.     The dates are as follows: Feb.20th, May 22nd, Aug. 21st, and Nov.20th.

Hope to see a lot of participation, especially from the HAMARS folks.


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