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Fox Hunt Information

HAMARS is hosting our first Foxhunt on Saturday, October 14. Here's some information on how it'll work. Everyone is welcome to participate.

​Be sure to check back here for updates

Date: October 14, 2023

Starting time: 10:00 AM

Ending time: 2:00 PM or until fox is located

Fox: Jerry, N4KJ

Fox's roaming area: Madison County NC (Click on pdf map below)

Fox's transmit frequency: 146.565 MHz

Coordination repeater: Viking Mtn 145.150 MHz 118.8 Hz tone

Fox's cell phone number day of hunt: 828 206-6688

Fox will transmit a recorded message for one minute every five minutes until located. Fox will keep hunters updated as necessary on the Viking Mtn repeater.

​Fox will be located in a publicly accessible area. 

Please know that this is our first fox hunt so please be tolerant of any last minute changes.

Fox's Roaming Area

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