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Hammarlund Hullabaloo 2023



2023 Hammarlund Radio Hullabaloo Special Event Station
Our Fourth Year!
The 2023 Hammarlund Radio Hullabaloo special event station will be operated by the High Appalachian Mountain Amateur Radio Society (HAMARS) on November 16-18, 2022. The birthday of Oscar Hammarlund was November 19, 1861. The Hammarlund radio factory was located in Mars Hill, NC, from 1951 to 1973. HAMARS is located in Madison County, NC. So, crank up your Hammarlund radios and make contact with us. Contacts by other radios are, of course, also welcome.
HAMARS will be operating special event station W4H and KE4MH from 1300 UTC on November 16 until 0100 UTC on November 18. Special commemorative QSL will be offered. A special certificate will be awarded to stations working either W4H or KE4MH using any three modulation modes (SSB, CW, AM, Digital).
Operations Live Streaming at: High Appalachian Mountain Amateur Radio Society Facebook page
New this year- W4H will operate from the former Hammarlund Manufacturing Plant in Mars Hill, North Carolina. Listen for us on your favorite band. W4H will operate between 1500 GMT and 2200 GMT on both November 16 and November 17. We'll spot our operations on DX Summit.
Hammarlund Radio Manufacturing Facility, Mars Hill, Noth Carolina (around 1969)
In addition to HF frequencies and modes, we will periodically be calling on the Mount Mitchell repeater (145.190), the highest repeater east of the Mississippi River.
A commemorative QSL card will be available. Please see QSL information below for details. A SASE is much appreciated. Please note that we order our cards after the event, so it might take a couple weeksfor you to receive our QSL to you. 
This year a special certificate will be sent out with your QSL if you confirm working W4H or KE4MH on any three modes AM, SSB, CW and digital.
QSL Information
Please send your QSL to:
Jerry Robinson, N4KJ
Secretary, HAMARS
PO Box 366
Mars Hill, North Carolina 28754-0366
SASE is appreciated
Also, send us a photo of you operating any piece of Hammarlund equipment and it will be posted here on our website.
W4RRJ Hammarlund-Viking Station 2021.JPG



Charles    Jedlicka
(more at Hammarlund .org)











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